Benzo Fury, BenzoFury, 6APB, Benzo-Fury, 6-APB

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Benzo Fury by RaveGardener

Benzo Fury is a recently developed novel research chemical. Its full chemical name is 6-(2-aminopropyl)benzofuran otherwise known as 6-apb. It is a cleverly developed variant of the research chemical 6-apdb which was invented by a team lead by Professor David E. Nichols of Purdue University whilst investigating non-neurotoxic analogues of the popular recreational substance MDMA. Benzo Fury can be considered as a benzofuran analogue of MDA. Benzo Fury ( 6-apb ) is not intended for human consumption and as such, it is completely legal throughout the world.

The 6-apb molecule is very complex to produce, specialist equipment is needed which is only available in a few laboratories in the world, the synthesis method is only known to a select few. What this means is that the supply of Benzo Fury is very limited, currently in the UK it is only available from and 4 other authorised distributors.

Recently, due to a huge rise in interest and demand of Benzo Fury, many poorly run and unscrupulous vendors of research chemicals on the internet have been fooling customers into purchasing spurious compounds mis-labeled as Benzo Fury. Tests have shown some of the 'fake' samples of Benzo Fury to be nothing more than concoctions of illegal chemicals which, pose significant risk of arrest and prosecution to both vendors and purchasers. Other samples have been shown to be compounds such as AMT, others have been found to be simple household substances such as talcum powder. The only genuine Benzo Fury has been shown to originate from and the other 4 official vendors who are recently, more often than not out of stock due to the high demand and limited supply. Care should be taken by anyone purchasing Benzo Fury to ensure there chosen source is reliable, reputable and trustworthy.

The ravegardener site and the rest of the official vendors all display an official Benzo Fury rosette embossed with the site URL on their websites. The Benzo Fury comes pressed into orange coloured single use research pellets presented in sealed foil packets bearing the chemical symbol and list of ingredients. Marquis reagent tests show a very rapid change to a dark purple colour. Whilst it is not impossible to duplicate the compound 6-apb, it is extremely difficult and requires specialist equipment with the scientists knowledge being far higher than that needed to produce traditional and more simple research chemicals. What this means is that the official distributors can expect to enjoy a significant period of exclusivity and, it can be expected that any other compounds they offer will be of an equally high standard.

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